The man, the myth, the uh, well, I guess just the plain Paul Chin.

Cornell Skyline (Spring 1998)


    Updated: June 10, 2000
(I'm working on keeping it updated)


May 27, 2000: OK, so it's been over a year since I finally promised to add to my web page, so I've decided to add A LOT of pictures.  My life has really had its' ups and downs, and many things have changed, so I hope you like everything.  A lot of the shit that I said I was going to update for the most part I've scrapped (the Doonesbury and X-Files pages), and added pictures from Air Products and Chemical Engineers, plus the ever-eventful Alpha Phi Omega.

May 23, 1999: Decided to put all my rants on my biography page, after the little bio.

            I also found this really cool comic strip by Mother Goose and Grimm (thanks Phill)

Biography and rants section just in case anyone really cared about my life and my views. The best comic on earth (in my opinion....well I devoted a whole page to it): Calvin and Hobbes  Air Products and Chemicals, my co-op employer and some of the best people I know.

Rites of Christian Initiation for Adults and the story of my progression into Catholicism.

I get a lot of junk e-mail, but I must admit, some of it is funny.  Here's my list of comedic spam. Two of my favorite series of novels / authors:
Dragonlance and Stephen King.

My life, the way I see it.

Japanese anime.  I used to be a big fan, but   not more.

Quake Clans that I've been involved in.

Page of Links

Alpha Phi Omega, My second home


I ripped off this revolving picture from Chad (thanks btw):

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There is a guestbook.  Apparently it's not popular because NO ONE ever signs it, but I keep it around for novelty value.