My life

   My life has definitely been a trip, from one thing to another.  I really just can't believe how I've evolved from a scared little child to, well, a scared grown up.  Anyhow, I don't really know where to begin, so I guess I will start with high school, where my life really began.

    I picked up some really good friends in high school.  I haven't really had time to retool it from last time, but here is my old web page from high school (removed because of a personal request) with all my close friends in it.

    Wow, if I thought high school was fun (ha!), college life was/is an experience like none other.  In all honesty, I had no intention at all to go to Cornell University.  I had planned to go to UPENN with my good friend Chad Parmet, but then things changed, my parents really pushed me, and I visited, and had decided the rural scene would be a nice change.

   Freshman year.  What can I say, Sperry Four rocks the house!!! :)  I actually haven't changed this web site page since freshman year, and I really am wicked lazy, so it'll just have to do.  Coping with freedom was a little tough, but I learned a lot that year.  I was able to juggle partying on a weekly basis while still maintaining a good gpa, which was amazing (I wish I could do that now!).
   Sophomore year.  The year I learned that things change.  Sperry Three was OK, full of freshman though, which is a big change.  I found out that living in the dorms was not for me.  I discovered Alpha Phi Omega, the community service fraternity.  I met great people there, some whom I'd consider my best friends.  The strain of Chemical Engineering broke into me, and academically I slumped to my low.  I figured out that I may have been good in high school, but at Cornell I'm just average.
   Summer session.  I decided to enroll in the engineering co-op program at Cornell, which meant an intensive summer.  I must say though that it was a great time, beautiful weather in Ithaca, plus time could be allocated to both study and enjoyment.  I had discovered that there are a handful of cool Chemical Engineers out there, and that most of them were on co-op.  This was also the beginning of my lesson in how good friendships require a lot of patience and work, and never to take it for granted. (Btw, technically not all these pictures are from the summer, some are from the fall, but I'd rather group the ChemE's all together.)
   Junior year.  The fall semester was spent away on co-op in Allentown, PA.  These chronicles can be found on my Air Products page.  Returning for the spring semester was really, really rough since Allentown was a nice change of pace, and having to return to a crowded college with high stress was not my idea of fun.  Plus, I was sick of moving.  Yet again I learned A LOT more (often the hard way) about maintaining good friendships with others, as I pushed some away to make room for others.  I had to prioritize my life, and with my hardest semester academically, often times I just left like giving up.
   Summer, Junior year.  Living the experience right now.  Everything is going fine, plant work is great besides the fact that I smell like Elmer's glue daily.  Housing worked out perfectly, and our landlord Rich is a really cool guy.  Plus, there are some other cool ChemE's around.  Looks to be a cool summer.
    Senior year.  Who knows what the future holds?