Unfortunately, sophomore was for the most part consumed by Alpha Phi Omega, so most of my pictures can be found then.  I met some great people in APO who have graduated, like Mike Auerbach, Nick Pesola, Jill Pinkey, Marci Ganz, Ilan Birnbaum, Grace Kim, Jen Reedy, Sean Campbell, etc, etc, etc.  It was sad to seem them go because they were the ones I looked up to, but now it seems like the young brothers are looking up to people in my class for guidance.  Who knows if I will be ready for presidency?

    I only scanned in two pictures that were not APO related for sophomore year:

The ONLY picture of me that I actually like.  It's a picture of Jen Cornfeld and I, my dorm neighbor.  My smile actually came out decent.

The Sperry Four gang, one year later on Slope Day.  These were my close friends from freshman year.  How things change.  (Left to right: Liz, me, Mike, Brian, Eileen)