my high school yearbook picture.....

Birth name:  Paul Chin
Name wanted:  Paul Tycho Chin    (After the astronomer if you must know.....people always ask my "why?")
Christian Confirmed name: Paul Thomas Chin (close enough, right?)
Birthdate:  November 30, 1979
Birthplace:  Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Hong Kong
Places I call home:  Hong Kong; Flushing, NY; Burlington, MA; Ithaca, NY, Allentown, PA, Belle Mead, NJ
Current residence:  216 Delaware Avenue, Apt #1 in Ithaca, NY
Major:  Chemical Engineer (would like a minor in Psychology and Mathematics)
Favorite color:  Dark Green  and Maroon
Keirsey Temeperament Test: Counselor (iNFj) --  Introversion Intuition Feeling Judgement  (go figure, see minor)
Favorite Dance: Swing Dance (particularly Lindy Hop and possibly Jitterbug.  Duh!!)
Favorite Movie: Casablanca (classic) and Swingers (contemporary)
Favorite Quote: "You're Money and you Don't Even Know it!" and "Here's Looking at You, Kid."
Parents:  William Yock Lai Chin and Mee Chew Chin
Siblings (wanted or not):  Benjamin Chin
Godparents: Albert Adam Presto and Linda Chin Fleetham


 My Rants
    As Dennis Miller alawys says: "Of course, that's just my opinion.  I could be wrong."  Same rules apply here.

May 23, 1999: Well, I don't know what to say.  Lots of things have changed for me, I think.  A lot of things opened up my eyes, and I I've changed my views of some people.  What can I say? People just seems to like to pick on me just for the fact that I get annoyed easily (you know who you are) and well, it really does piss me off sometimes.  Sometimes I have all the patience in the world, but other times, with people I think I trust, it just bothers me a lot.   Do I trust these people as friends?  Guess I'll have to decide.....

May 12, 1999: Well, I've spent a lot of time thinking about my life, and how I've been an absolute waste of space sometimes.  I wish I could invent some important tool or discover the meaning of life, but lately it seems as though I'll be stuck in some job that is an absolute waste of time.  I don't know; sometimes I believe that I could vanish from the world and no one would notice.........maybe it's for the best.  Or maybe that's where I've adopted the magical name of "Stoic" or "Laconic."  Sometimes I believe that I've changed a lot since high school.  Other times I believe that I've just reverted back.  I can't decide.  Ever get the feeling though that you can be in a room with 13 other friends and still feel alone?  That's how I feel lately.

First ever rants:
        There are two friends that I left out in my other section.  One is Gerald Lam, an old friend from when I used to live in Flushing.  I haven't heard from him in a while, but I know that he went to Styveusant High School, one of the most prestigious in America, and he now resides at Dartmouth College.  Best of luck, and keep in touch Gerald if you read this.  My other best friend from Flushing is the late Danny Wong.  He's no longer with us, and I wish him the best in heaven.
        I was born in Hong Kong, right before my mother was supposed to board the plane to America.  I guess I was premature, but it's nice to know that I have some heritage in another country.  About 18 days after I was born, I was flown into La Guardia Airport in New York.  My mom keeps reminding me that I cried the whole ride through; god I must have been one annoying baby.
        Most of my childhood I spent alone.  Both my parents worked hours upon end, so I never really got to know my parents, which happens to be a consequence that I now regret.  I often substitute my friends and my family, which isn't right, but there is nothing else I can do.  My parents don't know a thing about me.  As for my siblings, I can't stand my older brother Ben.  I find him very obnoxious and vain, but then again, this is my point of view after living with him for 18 years.  He was always a bastard to me when I was young, so I guess I still have that residual feeling towards him.  Long and short, I feel very distant from my family, so I usually get attached to my friends very easily.
        Growing up in Flushing was pretty tough; I had a few good friends mentioned above, but it was a dangerous place to live.  Then again, Burlington is not the most exciting place to live.  Here's a nightly conversation between my friends:

Me: "Hey Kenny what's up?"
Kenny: "Nothing much.  Whadda want to do tonight?"
Me: "Dunno.  [Insert usual idea of hanging out at a friend's house or watch a movie]"
Kenny: "No, I wanna do something exciting."
[Chad jumps in]
Chad: "Let's [insert ludicrious idea]!"
Me: "Sure."
[Enter Calvin]
Calvin: "Ok fine we'll all go to my house and play Resident Evil 2 because Burlington is the boringest town ever created."

        Burlington was a fun experience, but I never did get along with that many people until high school.  I sorta thrived on being a weird kid or the kid who looks constantly pissed off.  It was sorta my signature.  "Oh look there's the sketchy character Paul standing there" or something.  I also never went out.  My parents confined me to studying for SAT's since I was in 8th grade.  Needless to say I led an extremely boring life as a child.  Thanks again parents.
        Cornell is a great experience for me.  I've always been independent at home, so it wasn't a really big transition for me, but I did get homesick.  Now I sit at home, and pray that the day when I get back to Cornell will come sooner.
        As for myself, well, I'm an extremely conservative person with a few liberal thoughts.  I can't really commit to one or the other; I hold both ideas.  Often people describe me as a stoic character.  I think it's just an image that I like to push.  I like to think of myself as 'one who thinks too much.'  A lot of things bother me, and as [deleted due to the fact that I don't like to let a lot of people know what is on my mind].