[DL] is the quake one rocket arena clan that I used to be in.  What does it stand for you may ask?  Well, it stands for Dragonlance.  My Quake character's name is Tanthalas, which is the name of the character I often play.  Tanthalas is the elven leader of the characters in the old Dragonlance series.  Well, one day I was playing some arena with a few friends, and I happened upon this character called Tasselhoff.  Well, we had a one-on-one match, and I whipped his ass (well not really, but I did win.  Heh sorry Jeff :), and we saw each other around often, so he decided that we should start the [DL] clan, and here I am, one of the two co-founders, but I must give most of the credit to Jeff Land, who has done almost all the work.  If you're ever playing in a Quake Arena, look us up.  I'm often [DL]Tanthalas or [DL]Brightblade, and Jeff is [DL]Raistlin.  As of 5/17/98, there are apparently 2 other members of the clan, [DL]Berem and [DL]Kitiara.

    The old [DL] home page is here:  http://www.gibbed.com/~dragonlance

Big Red Clan


    Well, uh, it's the new clan that I'm in.  It stands for Cornell (which is REALLY corny might I add Jake and Roger) because our mascot is the big red bear.  I no longer play as Tanthalas (well, rarely), but as Pendragon.    There are about 8 or 9 of us, I don't remember, you can check it out on the web page yourself.  We're a quake two clan, though nothing much has happened yet.

    The home page is here:  http://come.to/bigred