Friends from my new home, Cornell University.

    Well, like I said before, I don't really know how close I am to these people.  I've only spent a year with these people, but from my assessment, these are the people who I think I am close too.  You never know; I could be totally wrong.  AND again, if you believe you should be on my list, drop me a line at or and I'll think about putting you on.  My philosophy is this: Everyone is on my shit list until you prove worthy to be taken off.  These people have (by and far) earned my trust:

Jessvin Thomas is probably my best friend at Cornell (pictured in the middle with a goatee and glasses).  We really weren't that close until the beginning of the second semester of my freshman year.  In many ways, he is similar to me.  We both believe in packing gats and popping those who piss us off, which are many.  He's a great friend and a computer genius.  He also plays Quake with me now and again (more now than again) and I plan to have him join clan [DL] with me.  I hope he gets a job in Boston this summer so we can hang out.  His major is an electrical engineer, and I'm sure he has a home page, I just don't know the URL of it.


There we go.  This is Chris Mancuso, and he wouldn't let me take a picture of him, so this is pretty much the best on that I've got of him (haha too bad Chris, dumbass).  I guess I consider him my second best friend at Cornell, I think.  He's a brother at Sigma Phi, and I didn't get to see much of him during the semester he pledged, eventhough he lived right next door.  Anyhow, it was fun to listen to all his stories about his friends back home.  I just hope I don't have to bail your ass out of trouble anymore.  He's a CS major (hahahahahahahahaha) and I'm sure he has a web page too, I just don't have these URL's.

Ok here's a normal picture of him and me when I was at my long hair stage.  God was I ugly.  Why didn't anyone tell me I looked so bad???

The female to the far right is Liz Herman, and next is Amanda Birnbaum and Katrina Herz, with Jen Plichta and Chris Regan on top.  Liz was one of my first friends at Cornell.  She's a good friend, and we hung out a lot during the first semester.  I met Amanda through Liz at First Night, and since then, we've been good friends.  Amanda is going out with Don, and ex-member of Kaiser Soze, one of the great college bands out here in Cornell.  Katrina is one of Liz and Amanda's friends.  Jen is an ex-ChemE.  Chris was in my Kung Fu class, and we spar here and there.  Liz and Amanda are sisters at Alpha Phi.

    I have a picture of the next person, Ronron Lin, but instead of repeating a picture, I just decided to tell you that it's the first picture on this page, and she's the female in the middle.  I met Ronron through Jessvin, and ironically, she is his girlfriend.  She's not your typical "Californian," but she gets a lot of crap about it.  All in all though, she's pretty cool.  I just tend to chill in her room sometimes.  She's also my swing dance partner.  Go Lindy Hop!!!

     I don't actually have pictures of Jeremy Kubica and Regan Lee, so I'll just have to do without until I can get some.  Jeremy and I are sort of good friends; we often talk on ICQ, so I don't see him that often.  I guess towards the end of the semester though, we've gotten to know eah other better.  He's a nice person, and listens to me bitch a lot about how I have too much work.  One of his friends, Ted, is a really funny character.  Jeremy's home page is at  Jeremy's girlfriend (I think?) is Regan Lee, Ivy's roommate.  I used to think she was a bitch, but I guess I've gotten over that stage.  She can be really nice, but you've got to get past her "bitch" exterior (sorry Regan :)

This is John Pennington.  He's a paradox.  To paraphrase Chris Mancuso, he's got a split personality.  One side of him is the intelligent, hard working student.  The other part of him is the drunk who stumbles into my room late at night.  John, I owe you one for all those times you helped me out.  He's a brother at Kappa Sigma.

This is a really bad picture of Jeremy Schreiber (on the right with Bill Nye).  I met him through Jen Chu.  Eventhough he lives about 20 minutes away from my dorm, I still manage to see him here and there.  He's got a sweet home in Florida, and I plan to use errr..........visit him during summer sometime.

Honorable Mentions.......

Ok this is a really really bad picture of Jennifer Chu.  I actually met her before I got to Cornell, through my friend Sarah.  She once called herself once a "social slut," which is somewhat true, but then again, I'm a quiet person.  We were good friends at the beginning of freshman year, but we sorta drifted out own ways.  Noneoftheless, she's a cool person to talk to.


Meaghan Hughes and Becca Schlowsky:

Andrew Hammer is Chris Mancuso's roommate, and we've both gone through Chemistry hell.  He's major ROTC, and leaves his room as a mess.  I could barely see the ground of his room through all the clothing he drops on the floor.  He's a brother at the fraternity SAE.  His home page is at

Kate Bledsoe:

The one on the left is Mike David.  He was actually my first friend; I distinctly remember him walking into my room at the first day and dancing to my Mighty Mighty Bosstones cd.  We were extremely good friends at the first semester, but we went our separate ways towards the end.  He's a brother at the fraternity Sigma Pi.


On the left is Brian Yasutis, and the right is Eileen Wojtal.  I met them through Mike David.  We were also really good friends at the first semester, but we also drifted apart.  They are still nice people, and I talk to them often.  The two of them are currently dating.  Brian is a brother at Sigma Pi and Eileen is a sister at Alpha Phi.